Real Estate Advisory Services

The Penrose Group is uniquely qualified to assist lenders and owners of distressed real estate by providing assistance and advice regarding challenges and opportunities to maximize value during troubled economic times.

Unlike firms formed to provide similar services, Penrose operates in a market with which it has in-depth experience. In the 1990’s, Penrose was one of the largest advisors to the FDIC, the RTC, banks and life insurance companies. While based in Washington, D.C., Penrose successfully completed assignments throughout the United States. In addition to providing advisory services, Penrose has the capability to invest in projects, and to oversee and manage all phases from completion of construction to stabilization and disposition. The company’s significant experience in all types of commercial property development and management enables it to bring an ownership perspective to the successful analysis of complex real estate situations, to recommend solutions and to implement decisions in an organized and timely manner.